Flexible Membership

Flexible Membership is available for only £300. This gives the Flexible Member a total of 800 points redeemable according to the tariff and conditions set out below. This membership is suited to those whose golfing lifestyle prevents them being able to take advantage of all the benefits of full membership.

Benefits of Flexible Membership

1. Flexible Members are eligible to maintain an official CONGU (Confederation of National Golf Unions) handicap.
2. Flexible members have access to all member bookings privileges i.e fourteen days in advance through the web-site.
3. Flexible Members are eligible to compete in Monthly Medals, mid-week Medals and Competitions organised by the professional. They are NOT eligible for “Board” competitions but are eligible to compete in all competitions organised by sections within the club. (See the Competitions page on this web-site for full details of all competitions).
4. Flexible Members may only use their points to play at Catterick GC and when selected to represent the club.
5. Flexible Members have full use of all practice facilities (without use of points).
6. Flexible Members may benefit from members' rates offered in the bar and restaurant.
7. Flexible Members may represent the Club in competitions against other clubs but will forfeit the appropriate number of points for HOME games and AWAY games if a charge is made.
8. Flexible Members are most welcome to join any societies within the club i.e Rabbits, Seniors. (Points will be forfeited for any HOME rounds played as part of a society).
9. Flexible Members may play in club exchange days.

Limitations of Flexible Membership

There are limitations as well as benefits relating to this membership as follows:

1. Flexible Members may NOT transfer their points to any other member or non-member.
2. Points may not be carried over from one year to the next.
3. Flexible Members are obliged to inform the Professional before playing in order that their account is updated. (NOTE: All players should report to the Professional's shop before play, when open.) The “honesty” register in the starter’s hut at the first tee should be used in the event that the Professional's shop is closed and the clubhouse is closed.
4. Should a Flexible Member elect to leave the club, they will forfeit any remaining points in their account.

Points Tariff

Points will be deducted from accoints according to the scale below: (Note: Tariff applies to eighteen holes)

Summer: (1 Apr – 31 Oct)



Before 3.00pm         50 

After    3.00pm         30 



Before 3.00pm         80 

After    3.00pm         50 


Winter  (1 Nov - 31 Mar)


Weekdays and Weekends

Before 12.00 noon   50 

After    12.00 noon   30 

In the event points are running low additional points can be purchased at the rate of £75.00 per 200 points.

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